The Journal of Michael & Loida Thurmond

Hope for Nicaragua 2023

From the year we first meet (that was 2015) Loida and I have worked with a mission team known as “Hope for Nicaragua.” This is an Evangelical and Medical mission team with a focus on the more remote areas of Nicaragua. With thanks and praise to God, our team has been blessed to see and serve 35,116 patients through our medical clinics over the last thirteen years. The team has distributed 155,770 prescriptions and 9,714 bibles to individuals and families. In those same 13 years our team has witnessed 6,031 professions of faith. While we praise God for our successes, we know that there are still many people in Nicaragua in need of medical care and waiting to hear the message of salvation.

Waiting to enter the clinic
Family visits

Everything is getting much more expensive, and our core budget is approaching $50,000 (excluding airfares and BMDMI fees). This includes medicines, team food, medical and dental supplies, bibles, translators, local doctors and dentists, shipping and much more. Airfares have gone up and the BMDMI fee is now $900 so we will not be able to cover a lot of our costs through team fees this year. Our trip this year will be from July 29th through August 5th.

To help with this funding gap Loida has made a quilt that is 64” x 45”. This is a perfect size cover up with on the sofa or bed. Heavy enough to keep you and a loved one warm, yet light enough to carry from room to room. This is a brightly colored quilt made of high-quality fabric. It will brighten up any room.

Quilt Front
Detail of Quilt

We are accepting donations to help fund this year’s mission trip. With a donation of $10 you will receive one entry in the quilt raffle. With a $25 donation you will receive 3 entries in the raffle. Donat $45 or more to receive 6 chances. Our plan is to hold the raffle on July 5th. Won’t you please consider making a donation to support this life changing cause.

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