Time for a brief reflection, as I close in on a week in the RV By myself. Actually I moved in on April 11th when I headed to Palo Duro Canyon. Much of that time was spent traveling and camping with my parents. After the Annual Pig Roast at Good Shepherd I relocated to the east of Gwinnett in Walton county. That puts me about 45 minutes from Lilburn; not bad if I plan my travels. I did pop back into Lilburn to check the mail and attend the Thursday morning breakfast.

The estate sale people are in full preparation with only 4 days until the sale. The house is the most organized it has ever been. On one hand I can find everything, on the other hand noting is where it should be. It is much better to be out here than trying to live in the midst of all that. Glad to have professionals handling it, because there is no way I could pull it off. More on that in the next few days and when it is done.

I am beginning to feel very much at home in the RV. At first it was a challenge to find things. I knew I had packed things but I just couldn’t find it when I wanted it. The weather was nice today, almost summer. So I gave the RV the bath I had hoped to give it while in Houston. First observation is that it is big! Second observation is that I need to work on my washing skills. I got the major dirt off, so it looks better but I think it will have to get a professional washing every few months.

I also got the chance to reorganize a few things in the storage compartments, both inside and outside. Still need to do some straightening on the inside. Things are scattered here and there but that will come. Also found my two travel books, so I can start looking at travel opportunities. The one thing I have not found is the letter opener I have been using for the last few years. I feel for sure I packed it; I just can’t find it! Might have to check the house once more just to reassure myself it isn’t there.