It is past time for an update on our mission travels. I have struggled with how to summarize an amazing trip to Haiti. There is much about Haiti that remains the same despite earthquakes and hurricanes. Visiting Haiti provides a dramatic understanding of the necessities of life. Life on this level can be intimidating but the strength and determination of the Haitian people shine through the circumstances of life in this island nation. So, let me attempt to share this part of our journey with you.
Our focus on this trip was to build relationships/bridges with the people of the Eco-Villages on the central plateau of Haiti. These villages were created after the earthquake of 2010 to provide a new life style for survivors from Port-au-Prince. The Atlanta Church Group, who we traveled with, are in the midst of a five-year program to build a school for the children of the villages. We do not build the school but partner with the people of the villages by providing funds that allow them to build and staff the school. You can learn more about this project at the Haiti Eco-Village School web site (
Our mission was to take photographs and videos of the school children and villagers during the three days we spent with them. On Palm Sunday we worshiped with villagers, in a simple thatched building. In case you doubted it, a church is defined by the people not the building. It was a true blessing to worship with this congregation with song, prayer and a shared message.
On a side note the pastor at the church is also a teacher at the school. He held classes for students under a blue tarp before the school project was started. The image at the left shows Loida with a Mother and her daughter after the church service. At the right is the sign welcoming our team to the church; in Kreol and English. Below is the outside of the church. There is no drive way or parking lot; one merely pulls off the road and up the hill. Four-wheel drive is recommended.
We spent two days at the school; interviewing staff, teachers, parents and children. We also brought art from children in Atlanta to the school and then worked with the children at the Eco-Village School on art to share with our supports and children back in Atlanta. This art will be used at a fund-raising event for the Eco-Village School on May 7th. You can see more about this event on the Haiti Eco-Village School web site. The art project was a great hit with both the students and the teachers.
Above you see us with some of the children at the Eco-Village School. The six Eco-Villages are located within a 5 mile radius of the school and all the children walk to school with a parent or an older student from their village. One parent did ask if we could fund a bus; but the overall condition of the roads would result in a short life span for a bus; not to mention the cost of fuel.

Michael & Loida

Update on the Quilt

Your response with donations and prayer has been a blessing to us. God has answered our needs both here and in Haiti in so many ways. Good health, safe travels, an additional vehicle for the team in Haiti, so many new Haitian friends, and of course the wonderful team we traveled with.

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