So my intentions of a daily or even a weekly blog entry have taken a hit. I think it has been a month or more since my last post. I know it was before Mother’s Day and my trip to Wilmington, North Carolina. The challenge now is where to begin but I suppose it is best to just put something down and move forward.

Let me try to recap the month of May by starting with the end of April. After visiting my parents and sister and Rebecca in Texas I came back to Lilburn for the annual “Pig Roast” at Good Shepherd church. It is an all-night affair to smoke about 700 pounds of Boston butts. Usually we catch a short nap during the night on cots we set up in the church. This year I decided why not bring the motorhome to the church, I mean it does move and the parking lot has plenty of room. I have to say the bed in the RV is more comfortable than a cot and a shower in the morning was refreshing.

I share this because after the pig was pulled and chopped; a goodly amount of it was consumed, I relocated the RV to an exclusive gated community somewhat east and north of Monroe, Georgia. Many thanks to David and Judy Adcock for providing a refuge with plenty of space and easy access. So I am now commuting between the farm and the house in Lilburn.

The next adventure was around Mother’s Day weekend. My nephew, Connor, was graduating from UNC Wilmington and several members of the family were gathering to celebrate. I didn’t realize it until we got there but my parents have attended the graduation of each of their grandchildren from college. My sister, Beverly, rented a house on the coast but I was bring the RV to handle the overflow. The overflow was just myself and Sarah, since Connor still had his apartment.

We all gathered on Thursday for the Friday graduation. Just happened that the first hurricane/tropical storm of the season also choice that weekend to arrive at the Carolina coast. It wasn’t bad, some rain and wind; of course I was in Wilmington; out at the beach the wind an spray from the ocean was impressive! Graduation took place indoors and we managed to dodge most of the rain. There was plenty of food and a good time was had by all.