Friday was a slower day, the winery tour didn’t leave until 10 plenty of time for breakfast and coffee. They didn’t order as many donuts this morning but there were still more than enough. The Les Bourgeois Vineyards are located just off I-70 on the Missouri River. By the wat it’s the largest winery in Missouri. We got a tour of the production facility and the aging cellar; not massive but an awful lot of wine when you think about it.

After the tour we had a wine tasting, with samples of six or seven varieties from dry wines to sweet wines. I used to lean toward the sweeter wines but the ones they had seemed more like a very sweet grape juice with alcohol. Too much for me! Then we rode into the vineyard, one of many, to their restaurant on the Missouri River. Lunch was pulled pork and brisket with slaw and potato salad, very tasty. One of the couples I dined with bought a bottle of wine, which they shared. The winery supplied glasses for a $3 deposit per glass. After lunch it was back to the State Fair Ground.

While we returned sooner that planned it was still close to 3:15. I share this because the 2:30 ice cream social was still open when we arrived. The serving were overly generous and there was a wide variety of toppings. Met a friendly couple who are full-timers and run a travel business from their RV. Between the wine and the ice cream I was ready for a nap. Instead I returned to the RV and put the camera and the wine I bought away. Saving it for dinner with friends at some point in the future.

Dinner was pizza. The program advertised Papa John’s but apparently Papa couldn’t supply the 100 pies they needed to feed everyone. So they went to Little Caesar’s; even then it took two runs to get the full order picked up. After dinner was a Casino Night, with prizes. I don’t think they shared the size of the group with the folks who provided the tables and chips. Too many people and not enough space for all to play. So many just cashed in their vouchers and entered the drawings for the prizes. That was the only disappointment, if there was one of the rally.