Day two comes to a close in the Wal-Mart parking lot of Checotah, Oklahoma; with at least a half dozen other RV’s and a few tractor trailers thrown in. Tomorrow s the final leg to Palo Duro Canyon, to meet up with my sister and my parents. I imagine I’ll be first and will get things setup before they arrive. Hoping the forecast is wrong and the rain misses us.

A few interesting observations from today. There are a lot more bugs in Mississippi and Arkansas than Alabama. At least a lot more of them face planted into my windshield. It made quit a difference when I cleaned the windshield while refueling in Arkansas. Did you know there is a “Toad Suck” Arkansas? They have a Hareley-Davidson shop just off the highway. That is the future I-22 Corridor, if you are interested in finding it.

Let me answer a few questions about the RV. It is a 2008 Allegro Bay, that is 35′ long and not quit 8.5′ feet wide. The specs said 13′ feet high but with all the antennas, fans and heat pumps on top, I think it needs 14′ for clearance. It has a bedroom in the back (queen size bed), a shower on the driver’s side and a small toilet room on the passenger side. Then we have a living room and kitchen area, about 12′ in length. It’s a front engine diesel. Today it got 8.8 mpg on the highway. On this trip I am not towing a my truck; that is the plan for the long run. Since my sister is bringing a car I didn’t see much point to towing one. This will give me time to get used to it and get the truck ready.

Well that’s it for tonight. Time to get some sleep and get an early start tomorrow.