So Monday night we all settled into the RV. While sleeping four is possible, it works best if you have two couples. We also have the challenge of moving three people in, when the resident has already made himself at home. It is best if everyone likes each other. My parent got the bedroom; while my sister and I camp in the living room. It got cold once the sun went down, so having heat was a good thing. Don’t think I would have enjoyed this in a tent.

Tuesday morning We all got breakfast and showers. By ten or so we were ready to start the day (this was a vacation). Our first stop was the visitor center back at the entrance to the park. Interesting background information on the park and he area in general. Also some good views over the canyon from picture windows in the center. The building and the main road was build by the Civilian Conservation Core (CCC) in 1934-35. We gathered more information on the hiking paths, looked at souvenirs.

After lunch my parents took a nap while Delma and I took the 6 mile hike out to the lighthouse rock. Yes, I found a park with a lighthouse in the Texas panhandle.

A Special Note : Internet service was very limited once I reached the campground at Palo Duro Canyon. Eight miles in and over 600 feet below the rim of the canyon and the Verizon signal was weak at best. So I will have to post my notes after leaving the park. This noteĀ is from April 14th. Photos and notes will follow.