So here we are in the last week of April, the 27th, and I find my intent to maintain an active blog has fallen short. I will try to summarize the last ten to twelve days in a few brief paragraphs and then hope to become more consistent in my posts.

My last posts were at the beginning of the visit to Palo Duro Canyon. The four days past quickly and the weather was wonderful. The rain on Thursday night was heavy but cleared by morning and I was able to disconnect the motorhome and after a stop to dump the waste water, we headed south to Pearland. The drive was not hard but once south of Lubbock we found ourselves on rain. The intensity varied from a light drizzle to heavy showers. The RV d handles well but a combination of road construction and the weather slowed us considerably but we pressed on, arriving in Pearland shortly after midnight.

I spent the next four days visiting with my parents, my sister and of course Rebecca; who now lives in Pearland with the rest of the family. Four the most part it was an enjoyable but brief visit. The full details and my thoughts on the visit will have to wait for an additional post. Look for ore on my parents health and Rebecca’s schooling when time permits. My visit with Rebecca at school on Tuesday night was great.

Wednesday morning found me packing up and heading back to Lilburn. Wanting to get back in time for the Annual Pig Roast at Good Shepherd and clean up a few more things at the house with Sarah, who came down from Durham for the weekend. This all made for a very busy weekend but it was a success, not particularly due to my efforts by it was a good weekend and I got to see a lot of folks. I may have to plan my travels to make the Pig Roast when possible in the future.

The final event of the weekend was the dinner for the Graduating seniors at the church. I haveĀ  enjoyed spending the last four years, or more with these young people and it was a blessing to be able to spend a little time with them and mark this time of transition in their lives. Best wishes to all of then as they begin a new phase of life. More thoughts and some photos will be appearing on Facebook.

That is all for today.